The Corgi Who Can Balance Anything On Its Head

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31 Tips For Taking The Perfect Wedding Photo

7 Tips for Keeping Your Man (from the 1950s)


  1. Don’t talk
  2. Bad cooking will drive your man to seedy saloons
  3. Be the hot steak, not the cheap pork
  4. But don’t be a sexual vampire or a frigid franny
  5. Pink panties are a must
  6. Let him have a little fun now and then
  7. Your husband is the boss of you

What is prayer

Andreas Staier, harpsichord


Domenico Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonata In A, K 208. Andreas Staier, harpsichord (Keith Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA, 1982, after german models circa 1750).

Musica Antiqua Köln. Reinhard Goebel.



Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber: Rosenkranz Sonaten (Rosary Sonatas), circa 1678: Mystery Sonata nº4, “The Presentation”. Musica Antiqua Köln. Reinhard Goebel, violin (Jacobus Stainer, Absam 1665)

Never gets old.

District La Carrera of Tupungato; in Mendoza, Argentina.